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All Pro Transitioning from Facebook Page to Facebook Group

All Pro has begun the process of transitioning over to our GROUP page on Facebook, due to its more discussion-friendly environment and more flexible privacy controls.  Everyone will need to join the group and be approved by admins in order to see posts to the group.  CLICK HERE to join the All Pro Sim Racing League Facebook group.

All Pro"Pot Race" Planned for Mid Q2, Members Invited to Planning Poll

CLICK HERE to participate in the planning polls!

All Pro"Enduro Race" Set To Roll on Friday Night, February 26th

Venue:  Lanier National Speedway

Vehicle:  Street Stock

Practice starts at 9:00 PM, lone qualifying at 9:30, and 200-lap Enduro grids at 9:35.  NO RULES.  NO black flags cleared.  Winner will be the leader on either the completion of lap 200 or when the time limit expires.  Trophy to winner!

Chamblee Dominates, Takes Martinsville Win in Cup Series

Sunday, February 7th -- Chuck Chamblee started from the pole position and led all but six laps of the 150-lap Cup Series race at Martinsville, taking the easy win.  Scott Formosa, Bob Gillenwater and Steve Rosner kept Chamblee on his toes in the first half of the event, but each had problems in the second half.  In the closing 40 laps Jeff Rogers kept pace with Chamblee, closing right in on his bumper going into the corners for a lot of laps, but he couldn't keep up with Chamblee off the corners.  As the leaders' cars began to slip and slide off the corners, Chamblee slowly pulled some distance on Rogers, taking the checkered flag almost three seconds ahead of Rogers, the second place finisher.  Finishing 3rd was Mike Fravert, followed by Colby Franklin and Trevor Pertteli, the top five finishers.  Franklin, the third place finisher came back from a two-lap deficit.


Berry Wins Another One at Talladega in Super Speedway Series

Saturday, February 6th -- Josh Berry picked up another win Thursday night in All Pro racing action, winning at Talladega in the All Pro Super Speedway Series.  As expected, attrition was the name of the game throughout the first 50 laps.  A number of drivers thought to be in contention for the win early ended up in the garage due to accidents.  In the end it would be a seven-car dash to the checkers, and Devon Morgan, with a push from Bob Gillenwater tried to make a run on the top side against the leader Berry but came up a half-car length short.  Finishing behind Berry and Morgan were Glann Stanley, Bob Gillenwater and Richie Davidowitz, the top five finishers, followed by the final driver of the big pack up front Jackie Palmore.


Cash is King at Kentucky Speedway in All Pro Truck Series

Wednesday, February 3rd -- Derek Cash had the speed when it counted, holding off Scott Formosa to win Tuesday night's All Pro Truck Series 75-lapper at Kentucky Speedway.  Formosa and Cash had the two trucks to beat, leading 64 of the 75 laps between them.  Finishing behind Cash and Formosa was Carl Burk, Jesse Williams and Steve Rosner, the top five finishers.


Berry Completes Run of the All Pro Table with SLM Win at Richmond

Tuesday, February 2nd == Josh Berry completed his run of the All Pro table Monday night after winning four races in a row, capping off the run with his win at Richmond in the All Pro SLM Series.  As he has done in most of his wins over the past seven days, he came from the back of the field by the half-way point to dominate the rest of the 125-lapper.  The final green-flag segment was an exciting one, though, as a late caution flag set up a short shootout that saw different strategies come into play.  Berry and Derek Cash opted to pit under that caution for four tires and would restart 5th and 6th, respectively.  Scott Formosa, who took only two tires restarted 3rd, while leader Justin Blackdeer stayed out under the caution on old tires.  It took Berry only a lap to move under Blackdeer and take the lead for the final time of the night after a dicey restart.  Berry took the win, followed by Derek Cash, Scott Formosa, Justin Blackdeer and William Hale, the top five finishers.


All Pro "Pot Race" Poll - Members Help Plan Special Event for Mid-Q2

All Pro is in the planning stages for our first try at a "pay to race" special event.  Our members have shown enough interest for the league to put together this inaugural event, now we just need to find out how the majority of our community wants us to put the race together.

There will be SIX polls over the next six weeks, with each poll running for one week.  Each poll's official results will be shown below as they are closed.

THIS WEEK'S POLL, which is in progress now is gathering information on which vehicle type to use for the race. The remaining polls will follow.


  • 100% of the entry fees will go to the "pot";

  • Entry and registration will close immediately upon receiving the NNth driver's entry fee, where NN = selected option from poll # 5 below;

  • Fixed iRacing venue setup;

  • Night race (if available);

  • Dedicated race admin;

  • Four-hour session starting at 7pm CT, consisting of 55-minute practice, 5-minute drivers' meeting, 5-minute/2-lap lone qualifying, and race.  Race will be either 200/150/125/100 laps, depending on voted venue's size;

  • All Pro rules apply;

  • Two fast-repairs;

  • Drivers causing two yellow-flag incidents will be disqualified;

  • Pot pay-out will be via PayPal or iRacing dollars (choice of each recipient);

  • Entry fee must be paid via PayPal, or cash in my hand.  No checks accepted, no IOUs, and absolutely no refunds.

Here's the results of each individual poll for the event thus far:

Poll # 1:  Pot Disbursement:  CLOSED
Poll runs from Sunday, January 17th through Sunday, January 24th at 2pm CT

  • 5% to pole qualifier, 95% to race winner

  • 5% to pole qualifier, remaining 45/30/20 split among top three finishers

  • WINNING VOTE: 5% to pole qualifier, remaining 40/25/15/10/5 split among top five finishers

Poll # 2:  Entry Fee amount:  CLOSED
Poll runs from Sunday, January 24th through Sunday, January 31st at 2pm CT

  • $5.00

  • WINNING VOTE: $10.00

  • $15.00

  • $20.00

  • $25.00

Poll # 3:  Vehicle type:  CLOSED
Poll runs from Sunday, January 31st through Sunday, February 7th at noon CT

  • WINNING VOTE: Street Stock

  • Super Late Model

  • NASCAR K&N Pro

  • NASCAR XFinity GN


  • NASCAR Sprint Cup

Poll # 4:  Event venue/track:  VOTE NOW
Poll runs from Sunday, February 7th through Sunday, February 14th at noon CT

Choices are:

  • Martinsville

  • Charlotte

  • Thompson

  • USA Speedway

  • Phoenix

  • Rockingham

  • Southern National

  • Stafford

  • Bristol

  • Five Flags

  • Concord

  • South Boston

Note: Choices will depend on vehicle type chosen, due to available named/fixed setups for the chosen vehicle.

Poll # 5:  Maximum Field Size:  PENDING
Poll runs from Sunday, February 14th through Sunday, February 21st at noon CT

Choices are:

  • 24

  • 30

  • 36

  • 42

Poll # 6:  Race Night:  PENDING
Poll runs from Sunday, February 21st through Sunday, February 28th at noon CT

Choices are:

  • Sunday night, May 15, 2016, 8PM CT

  • Monday night, May 16, 2016, 8PM CT

  • Tuesday night, May 17, 2016, 8PM CT

  • Thursday night, May 19, 2016, 8PM CT

  • Friday night, May 20, 2016, 9PM CT

  • Saturday night, May 21, 2016, 9PM CT

Note: Chosen race night will preempt any existing scheduled All Pro weekly event.

All Pro "Pot Race" Special Event Poll -
Pot Disbursement

Poll ends on Sunday, February 14th at noon CT.

Which of the below tracks would you prefer to use for the All Pro "Race for the Pot" event?
Martinsville Speedway
Charlotte Motor Speedway
Thompson Speedway
USA Speedway
Phoenix Int'l Raceway
Rockingham Speedway
Southern National Speedway
Stafford Motor Speedway
Bristol Motor Speedway
Five Flags Speedway
Concord Motorsports Park
South Boston Speedway
poll creator

Trophies For Top Three Championship Drivers in Most Competitive Series

November 18th, 2015 -- All Pro will be awarding acrylic trophies to the top three drivers in points in the most competitive series of each quarter, beginning in 2016.  At the end of each quarter, the most competitive series, or the one that has the smallest spread in points between the top ten drivers will be selected as the "All Pro Platinum Series" of that quarter, and the top three drivers in that series will receive acrylic trophies with the All Pro logo embedded.  The trophies will also bear the series name, driver name and date.  The champion will receive a 7-inch acrylic, 2nd place gets a 6-inch acrylic, and 3rd place gets a 5-inch acrylic.  Good luck, drivers!

Congratulations to our 2015 Quarter Four Series Champions!

All Pro K&N Pro Series:
Justin Blackdeer

All Pro Super Late Model Series:
Josh Berry

All Pro Super Series:
Josh Berry

All Pro King of the Ring Short Track Series:
Garrett Mietz

Tim Bills Dominates 6th Annual Derby, Becomes 6th Different Winner

Tim Bills did just about everything during All Pro Snowball Derby week, including winning the 100-lap Pro Late Model race on Sunday night, turning the fastest lap in qualifying for the Derby, and dominating the 300-lap 6th annual All Pro Snowball Derby Monday night in route to his first All Pro win.  Bills also became the 6th different winner of All Pro's Q4 Big Show event.  Bills appeared to be the best of the twenty drivers in the field at saving his tires, but sharing the race lead with six other drivers for a total of thirteen lead changes.  Jeff Belt assumed the pole position after scheduled pole starter Cody Kelley failed to make the start of the race, and would lead the opening laps.  Preston Bores kept the heat on Belt for the opening 57 laps before finally he took the lead.  Tim Bills found his way to the lead eventually, leading a race-high 164 laps while Belt and Bores were joined by a number of competitors battling for the 2nd through 5th spots.  Scott Formosa and Garrett Mietz stayed in the thick of the battle for these positions for most of the race, as did Mason Dunn, who held the 3rd spot in the closing laps.  Preston Bores, who was collected in an earlier incident clawed his way back to the 2nd spot, but had nothing for Bills on the long run.  Bills took the win by 1.6 seconds over Bores, Dunn, Belt and Mietz.

Race Rewind - Watch Full Race

6th Annual All Pro Snowball Derby
Official Results

All Pro Video Room Now Accepting Member-Created YouTube Videos

Monday, August 24th -- Members may now submit their own YouTube race recap video clips for inclusion on the All Pro Video Room page. Just create your recap or highlights video, upload it to YouTube, then send us the URL/link to it using the email button below.  If you use webmail and do not have an email client such as Outlook or Thunderbird, then just submit your URL/link to admin at allprosimracing dot com.  All submissions will be reviewed and screened for inappropriate content, so please submit only All Pro event video.

Submit Race Video Link
E-mail us your YouTube race video link, and we'll post it in our Video Room.


The All Pro Sim Racing League needs your donations to help offset our website and race session hosting fees. If you can spare a few dollars, we would appreciate your donations. We gladly accept even the smallest donations. There's two ways that you can donate...

  1. PayPal Donation
    Using your PayPal account or major credit cards

  2. iRacing Gift Card
    Send a gift card to racing@chuckchamblee.com

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All Pro Cup Series
Top Twenty - 2016 - Quarter 1

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Chuck Chamblee | Martinsville Speedway

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Josh Berry | Richmond Int'l Raceway

All Pro Super Truck Series
Top Twenty - 2016 - Quarter 1

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Derek Cash | Kentucky Speedway

All Pro Super Speedway Series
Top Twenty - 2016 - Quarter 1

Most Recent Winner:

Josh Berry | Indianapolis Motor Speedway


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