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Garrett Konrath Wins Winchester 300 in Dramatic Fashion

Tuesday, September 27th -- In front of a Centerforce TV broadcast audience Garrett Konrath picked up another All Pro Big Show win Monday night, rooting Chuck Chamblee up and out of the bottom groove in turn four coming to the white flag and hanging on for the victory. Matthew Tucker led the opening eleven laps from the pole, with Chamblee right on his bumper. Chamblee got under Tucker to take the lead on lap 12, and went on to lead the next 247 laps while Konrath and Steve Rosner battled for 2nd just a second back. Coming to the 200-lap mark Rosner caught Chamblee, but Chamblee held tough and pulled back out to a one-second advantage as Konrath turned up the heat on Rosner and eventually took the spot. A caution flag on 233 for Jeff Faulkner's incident would regroup the field. Konrath had problems on pit road, nearly losing a lap while Justin Blackdeer took the lead after the exchange on pit road. Chamblee was now 2nd, while Konrath found himself all the way back in 5th for the restart. Konrath didn't waste any time getting back into the thick of the battle for the lead, catching Chamblee in just a few laps as Chamblee worked on Blackdeer. On lap 250 Chamblee got by Blackdeer to retake the lead, bringing Konrath along and to P2. The top three cars of Chamblee, Konrath and Blackdeer rode nose to tail for the next 47 laps, with Konrath nudging Chamblee several times as tensions began to elevate and time running out. Konrath was rolling into and through the corners quicker than Chamblee, but Chamblee pulled him off the corners. Finally, as the flagman picked up the white flag Konrath decided that he had waited long enough. Konrath gave Chamblee a big shove in turn three, moving Chamblee all the way out of the bottom lane and opening the door for Konrath, who took advantage and drove by Chamblee for the lead. Chamblee made a nice recovery to fall back in line right behind Konrath, and was now in position to return the favor in turn one. But Konrath didn't let Chamblee get to him, and held on the rest of the way to take the win. Finishing behind Konrath, Chamblee and Blackdeer were Randy Roberts and Louie Robinett, the top five finishers.


All Pro Quarter Three Enduro Set for Thursday Night, September 29th

Date: Thursday Night, September 29th

Venue: South Boston Speedway

Vehicle: Street Stocks

Session Start Time: 6:05 PM (all times are central)

Qualifying Start Time: 8:05 PM

Grid Time: 8:10 PM

Fast Repairs: Unlimited

Yellow Flags: Off

Rules: No rules. First driver to complete 200 laps wins!

Rule and Policy Changes for Quarter Four Competition

The following rule and policy changes will be in effect beginning on October 1st, 2016, for the beginning of 2016 quarter four:

  1. New members must complete their 30-day probationary period with:
    a. minimum four races completed without a disconnect;
    b. no Wall of Shame suspensions.

  2. SLM Series: Previous week's winner no longer starts EOL.

  3. All daytime races will be AFTERNOON.

  4. Wall of Shame changes: Anyone self-spinning for their first incident of the race, as long as it is without peril to another driver does not get a Wall of Shame strike but must still self-penalize for it. However, if you already have the free pass self-spin and cause another yellow-flag incident, or other infraction that results in a Wall of Shame strike then you get TWO Wall of Shame strikes for the second incident.

  5. Anyone that collects three Wall of Shame suspensions in any one quarter will be suspended an additional 90 days.

  6. Added rule 11i: Net-code issues are part of simulated racing over a public network, and we all know that there is a potential for "assumed contact". Don't put yourself in a bad spot and become a potential victim of a net-code incident. Allow room when you are racing close proximity. If you run up on someone in a braking zone and the AI indicates contact, if that assumed-contact results in the car ahead spinning and bringing out a yellow flag, then you will be given credit for the incident. You may in-turn protest the ruling if you can provide a replay showing that there was "substantial" distance between your front bumper and the victim's rear bumper. A couple of inches does NOT warrant a net-code no-fault incident. We expect our racers to know how much distance to provide around each other for safe racing.

  7. Added rule 11j: Members will no longer be charged an incident strike due to yellow flags caused by their engine expiring, UNLESS another competitor receives contact damage as a direct result.

  8. Added rule 11k: LAST-LAP INCIDENTS NOT TRIGGERING A YELLOW FLAG: If you feel that another driver wrecked you intentionally, or to gain a position on the FINAL LAP of a race and the yellow flag isn't issued, then you may file a dispute and provide video evidence to admins and ask for the incident to be reviewed. If a majority of the admins feel that the contact was intentional, based on their judgment, then the offending driver will be given an incident strike and an EOL.

  9. Big Show events will now start the fastest TWENTY-FOUR overall qualifiers, plus any previous week's Big Show PRELIM event winners.

Congrats to our 2016-Quarter Three Series Champions!

Sunday Night Cup Series:
Chuck Chamblee

Monday Night Super Late Model Series:
** 2016 Quarter Three Most Competitive Series **
Justin Blackdeer

Tuesday Night Super Truck Series:
Chuck Chamblee

Thursday Night CTV Street Stock Series:
Garrett Konrath

Justin Blackdeer Wins "Most Competitive Series" Guitar for Quarter Three

For the second season in a row, Justin Blackdeer won the "Most Competitive Series" award for the quarter, edging Chuck Chamblee by only three points. Blackdeer was the Q3 Super Late Model Series champion by just three points over Chamblee, and that series ended up with the tightest point spread of the four series for Q3 by just 7 points. For his accomplishments, Justin will receive his second All Pro guitar, compliments of Nicky Formosa, All Pro league co-founder.

Louie Robinett Edges Jackie Palmore for Late-Season Hard Charger Award

Congrats to Louie Robinett on winning our late-season Hard Charger award! Louie gained a total of 10 spots across the four quarter-three series, with Jackie gaining 9 spots. Louie will collect the $50 prize, in either PayPal dollars or iRacing dollars, his choice.

Ashton Crowder Wins Most Competitive Race in All Pro History

Friday, September 23rd -- In the most competitive event ever in All Pro history and in front of a live CenterforceTV audience, Ashton Crowder picked up a hard-fought win in the All Pro CenterforceTV Street Stock Series season finale Thursday night at Richmond Int'l Raceway. Crowder started the race from the pole position alongside Dalton Collins, but it would be Collins that established the lead early. The two front row starters soon began a contest for the lead, running many laps side by side with Crowder then moving to the point. All of that side by side racing allowed Chuck Chamblee to catch them and move underneath both to claim the lead. The three drivers continued to swap the lead  amongst themselves as the race remained lean and green, as several more drivers caught up with the lead pack. Scott Formosa and Garrett Konrath caught the lead pack, and soon after Formosa drove to the lead. The lead continued to swap between Crowder, Collins, Chamblee and Formosa until lap 85 when the night's only caution flag flew. Konrath gave Formosa a nudge coming off turn 2, spinning Formosa to bring out the yellow flag. Formosa came down pit road under the caution period but did not stop, and would inherit the lead again for the restart. Crowder, restarting 3rd wasted little time going back to the lead, trapping Formosa on the top side and sending him backwards. Collins was back in pursuit, with Travis Wright running 3rd. Zac Coyer took advantage of his inside restarting position and moved by Chamblee to take over 4th. On the final lap Wright got loose and spun coming off turn two, while Collins was trying to root underneath Crowder exiting turn four. Crowder held off Collins by less than a car length to take the win, followed by Zac Coyer, Chuck Chamblee and Garrett Konrath, the top five finishers.

Konrath was penalized one lap, post-race for jumping the restart on lap 90. This moved Bob Gillenwater up to the 5th spot.

Konrath took the series championship by a whopping 99 points over Zac Coyer, who moved by Trevor Pertteli in the standings.


Chamblee Wins Truck Series Finale and Championship at New Hampshire

Wednesday, September 21st -- Chuck Chamblee turned another economy-run into another win Tuesday night in the All Pro Truck Series finale at New Hampshire Speedway, and nailed down his 40th All Pro championship in the process. Pole-sitter Bob Gillenwater led the opening laps, with Scott Formosa and Mark McCrary hot on his heels. The first yellow-flag period of the night brought most of the leaders to pit road, but Chuck Chamblee only changed right-side tires to be the first off of pit road. Thomas Marks stayed out to inherit the lead. On the restart, Gillenwater got loose and spun, collecting a couple of other trucks to bring the caution flag out again. Chamblee took the lead from Marks on the next restart, but the rest of the race would unfortunately be plagued with more yellow flags. Chamblee made one more pit stop for left-side tires only just past half-way, while most of the other lead pack drivers took four tires. But with all of the yellow flags, none of those with four fresh tires could effectively mount a challenge on the Chamblee. In the final laps Travis Wright, Mark McCrary and Steve Rosner had fresher tires than Chamblee, and Rosner had just moved by McCrary on the outside to take over 2nd when another caution flag came out with just five laps to go. The restart would come with the white flag waving, and Rosner had one last shot at Chamblee. The shot came up short as Chamblee took the checkered flag ahead of Rosner. Finishing 3rd was Jesse Williams, followed by Travis Wright and Andy Hoeft, the top five finishers.

Chuck Chamblee won the Truck Series championship by 23 points over Philip Goodwin with Louie Robinett finishing 3rd in the final standings and 58 points back from the lead.


"Cool-Hand" Collins Eases to Victory Lane in SLM Finale at Five Flags

Tuesday, September 20th == Dalton Collins showed his hand when it counted, saving his tires early and then taking the lead from Preston Bores with just six laps to go and leading the rest of the way to take the win. Bores led the opening 42 laps before Travis Wright took command. Wright led a race-high 74 laps before Bores retook the lead on lap 116. By this point Collins was at full throttle and headed to the front. Collins maneuvered his #95 machine around the #29 of Bores on lap 144 and never looked back in route to the win.

Both the point leader and the title challenger had problems in the race. Point leader Justin Blackdeer was collected in an early wreck on lap 13, and had significant damage. Then on lap 42 the points runner-up Chuck Chamblee was spun and wrecked.  Both struggled with damaged cars the rest of the way, with Chamblee finishing 5th and Blackdeer 10th. In the end, Blackdeer's 10th place finish was good enough to win the title by just three points over Chamblee.

The following prizes will be given out to the following drivers for their achievements during the Q3 SLM season, as per the wishes and compliments of series sponsor Jason Newby:

  • Justin Blackdeer: $50.00 - Champion's payout

  • Justin Blackdeer: $10.00 - Most season wins (tie breaker over Matt Vaade based on highest in points)

  • Justin Blackdeer: All Pro T-Shirt: Most laps completed.

  • Chuck Chamblee: $25.00 - Runner-up payout

  • Chuck Chamblee: All Pro T-Shirt: Fewest iRacing incident points among drivers starting every race of the quarter

  • Jeff Faulkner: $15.00 - Third-place payout

  • Matt Vaade: $15.00 - Safest Driver award (fewest iRacing incident points)

  • Mark McCrary: $10.00 - Most pole positions in series

  • Zac Coyer: $15.00 - Sportsmanship Award


McCrary Comes Back from Spin to Win at Chicagoland in Season Finale

Monday, September 19th -- Mark McCrary dodged a bullet early in the race in the All Pro Cup Series season finale at Chicagoland Speedway Sunday night, spinning but not hitting anything. McCrary was challenging Chuck Chamblee for the lead on lap 16 coming off turn two, but got loose and spun into the grass, narrowly missing the inside wall. Chamblee, who led the opening laps continued to lead until lap 36, but contact with the #4 truck of Bob Gillenwater severely damaged both trucks, giving the lead to Scott Formosa. But McCrary would have the best truck, and proved it later in the race, taking the lead from Formosa quite convincingly and pulling away, never challenged the rest of the race in route to his 3rd league win. Formosa would finish 2nd, followed by KC Duncan, Carl Burk and Louie Robinett, the top five finishers.

The dropped race would turn things upside down in the standings, with Chuck Chamblee leap-frogging Mark Fravert to reclaim the points lead and Cup Series championship for quarter three. Fravert finished 2nd in the championship chase, followed by Bob Gillenwater, Jim Sombke and Scott Formosa, the top five in the standings.


CenterforceTV Street Stocks Next Stop: Richmond Int'l Raceway


Click on the above image to go to our YouTube Channel!

This event will be broadcast live on Centerforce TV. The top three finishers (and ONLY the top three finishers, please) of each CTV Street Stock Series event are required to report to the All Pro Media Center (our Teamspeak 3 server) for post-race interviews immediately after the race. No password required. Our Teamspeak server: ts55.gameservers.com:9224.  Then, please stand by in the Lobby and wait on the admin to move you to the Media Center channel.

NOTE: Only current All Pro league members are authorized to access our Teamspeak server. Unauthorized users will be kicked and banned from the server. Unauthorized users will not be granted talk power on the server.

All Pro "Diggin' for Dollars" SLM Series Coming in 2016 Quarter Four

August 27, 2016 -- Our 2016 quarter-four Monday night Super Late Model Series will be called the "Diggin' for Dollars SLM Series". The series will offer an OPTIONAL "Cash Pot" for each race in the quarter. Here's how it works.

There will be THREE separate pots - A $10 PayPal pot, a $5 PayPal pot, and a $5.00 iRacing Dollars pot for those that don't have or don't want to use a PayPal account. You can register in either of the three pots, or as many of the three pots as you want for the Monday night series each week, or none at all. You can still race for the season championship regardless of whether or not you participate in the "pot" racing. Each pot will be separate. If you register for the $5 iRacing Dollars pot then you will be paid out in iRacing dollars, if you place. If you register for the $10 PayPal pot, then you get your place percentage of the $10 PayPal pot. If you register in all three, then you get your percentage in all three pots. The split for each pot will be 40/20/10/10/10 for the top five participating finishers, with the final 10 percent going to the league. Payouts will be made at the end of the quarter. Participation is entirely optional, and up to each member. If you don't participate in any of the pots, then your race will remain business as usual. The pot races have no bearing on the season championship.

To register for the diggin', either CLICK HERE, click on the logo above, or go to Special Events on the main menu bar above, and click on "Diggin for Dollars Registration".

Current Registrations for the Oct 3rd $5.00 PayPal Pot

Current Registrations for the Oct 3rd $5.00 Account Recharge Pot

Current Registrations for the Oct 3rd $10.00 PayPal Pot

Chuck Chamblee

Chuck Chamblee

Chuck Chamblee













All Pro Racing Commission Term Members for 2016 Q2-Q4

Jackie Palmore (chairman)

Jim Sombke

Mark Fravert

Jesse Williams

Bob Gillenwater

The All Pro Racing Commission consists of five league members, nominated and approved by the outgoing commission each six months. Nominations are based on a members temperance, attendance and sportsmanship record. The commission's primary responsibility is the welfare of the league. The commission will be charged with planning of our racing series for each quarter during their term, as well as managing the league's rules and policies. The commission also decides which members are not suitable for the league based on their driving abilities, sportsmanship, and aggression level.

All Pro Video Room Now Accepting Member-Created YouTube Videos

Monday, August 24th -- Members may now submit their own YouTube race recap video clips for inclusion on the All Pro Video Room page. Just create your recap or highlights video, upload it to YouTube, then send us the URL/link to it using the email button below.  If you use webmail and do not have an email client such as Outlook or Thunderbird, then just submit your URL/link to admin at allprosimracing dot com.  All submissions will be reviewed and screened for inappropriate content, so please submit only All Pro event video.

Submit Race Video Link
E-mail us your YouTube race video link, and we'll post it in our Video Room.


The All Pro Sim Racing League needs your donations to help offset our website and race session hosting fees. If you can spare a few dollars, we would appreciate your donations. We gladly accept even the smallest donations. There's two ways that you can donate...

  1. PayPal Donation
    Using your PayPal account or major credit cards

  2. iRacing Gift Card
    Send a gift card to racing@chuckchamblee.com

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All Pro Cup Series
2016-Q3 Schedule

All Pro Super Late Model Series
2016-Q3 Schedule

All Pro Super Truck Series
2016-Q3 Schedule

All Pro Blizzard Series
2016-Q4 Schedule

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Wall of Shame


All Pro Cup Series
Standings: Top Twenty: 2016-Q4

Most Recent Winner:

Mark McCrary | Chicagoland Speedway

Point Spread: 266

All Pro SLM Series
Standings: Top Twenty: 2016-Q4

Most Recent Winner:

Dalton Collins | Five Flags Speedway

Point Spread: 241

All Pro Super Truck Series
Standings: Top Twenty: 2016-Q4

Most Recent Winner:

Chuck Chamblee | New Hampshire Speedway

Point Spread: 248

All Pro Blizzard Series
Standings: Top Twenty: 2016-Q4

Most Recent Winner:

--- | Five Flags Speedway

Point Spread: 0

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Chuck Chamblee

Term Runs through June 30, 2016

Jackie Palmore *
Jesse Williams
Jim Sombke
Mark Fravert
Bob Gillenwater

* Commission Chairman

The All Pro Racing Commission consists of seven league members, nominated by the league admin and approved by the outgoing commission each six months. Nominations are based on a members temperance, attendance and sportsmanship record. The commission's primary responsibility is the welfare of the league. The commission will be charged with planning of our racing series for each quarter during their term, as well as managing the league's rules and policies. The commission also decides which members are not suitable for the league based on their driving abilities, sportsmanship, and aggression level.


Chuck Chamblee


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