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New King of the Ring Short Track Series Coming to All Pro 2015-Q4

All Pro officials are happy to announce the new King of the Ring Short Track Series coming up for quarter four on Thursday nights.  The KOTR Short Track Series will feature three separate race events on each weekly race night, beginning at 7:00 PM CT.  Six different divisions will be run, including the '34 Legends, Street Stocks, Whelen Tour Modifieds, NCWTS (Chevy and Toyota), Pro Late Models, and Super Late Models.

CLICK HERE to go to series information for the new series.

CLICK HERE for the full event schedule.

Chamblee Finds Key to Make Outside Lane Work at Daytona

Sunday, August 30th, 2015 == Chuck Chamblee spent most of the first half of the 75-lap Cup Series race at Daytona trying to find a way to make the outside lane work, but each time he tried he fell back in the pack.  Meanwhile, Garrett Konrath and Glenn Stanley teamed up to hold down the top two positions, and remained glued to the bottom of the race track.  But Chamblee wasn't the only one trying the outside, several other competitors tried it but had similar results.  "At first, every time I went up there I could get alongside the car in front of me, then it just stalled out, even with help from behind", said Chamblee.  "But later in the race I tried something different, something a little daring.  I found that if you got down right against the inside car going into the corner and hugged it tight you could get a good run on the inside line if you had a little help from behind."  Chamblee used that knowledge, with help from Scott Formosa to pass both Stanley and Konrath to take the lead, bringing Gillenwater with him and to second place.  The duo then held on the rest of the way with Chamblee taking the win by a half a car length over Gillenwater.  Devon Morgan finished third right behind Gillenwater, followed by Garrett Konrath and Shawn Musick, the top five finishers.



New Cheat Prevention and Detection System Coming to iRacing

Thursday, August 27th, 2015 -- Whenever there is a competition at hand, it is possible that certain individuals will try to use non-standard methods for creating an advantage beyond normal gameplay. In other words, people might be cheating. This can also be true for racing games and simulations that trigger a competitive behavior.

While most game developers try their best to prevent cheating attempts in-house, there is also the possibility to make use of an external professional solution.

iRacing has always tried to minimize cheating practices by implementing counter measures. To take the anti-cheat implementation one step further, the new iRacing build, coming early September will include new cheat prevention & detection system in partnership with a professional gaming anti-cheat company called Easy Anti Cheat.

This third party anti-cheat system will run the iRacing service inside a “sandbox”, preventing external programs from hacking into and modifying the simulation as it runs. The system will also verify the integrity of all the iRacing installation files and will make sure that no system level components can be compromised. Furthermore, the iRacing development team also implemented their own set of counter-measures which are not documented for obvious reasons.

Tony Gardner quote:

"iRacing has always invested significant time, energy and development effort into trying to stop “cheating”. There are many different types of cheating. In the last June build for example we installed software code to prevent on-track tire heating during qualifying for oval racing. Poor sportsmanship on track could even be construed as cheating as another example. However more often than not, the main concern for members are potential software hacks that essentially attempt to change the game in some way for the cheater’s benefit. In that regard, all of the prevention and detection code we have put in iRacing in the past was done by us internally. We never included any of that work in our release notes mainly for the obvious reason that we did not want to provide the cheaters with any information.

However in our next quarterly software update (early September) our current plan is to include new cheat prevention & detection in the update and release notes for several reasons. Mainly because the new cheat prevention and detection comes in the form of a partnership and integration we did with a professional gaming anti-cheat company called Easy Anti Cheat. We are excited about this partnership as we have enhanced our ability to detect and prevent cheating significantly. The EAC system prevents cheaters from using several common methods to try to gain an advantage over other players. This includes things like: running the iRacing simulation inside a “sandbox”, to prevent external programs from hacking into and modifying the simulation as it runs; or modifying the iRacing installation files (cars and tracks) to gain an advantage; or replacing system level components used by the simulation with versions that include cheat hacks.

When applying this next build on a Windows computer, the installer program for the EAC software will automatically be run. On Mac OSX and Linux, the EAC software is able to operate without this explicit installation step. In all cases, the EAC software is only active on your computer when you are running the iRacing simulation software – when the sim exits, the EAC software exits, too.

If you launch the simulation and an issue is detected before the simulation has connected to the race server, a message describing the problem will be shown to you in a dialog box, and the sim will not run. If an issue is detected after connecting to the race server, a message describing the problem will be shown in the Chat Pad, and you will be disconnected from the server.

The error messages are intended to be sufficient to identify what caused the issue. But if it’s not clear how to resolve the issue, email iRacing customer support at support@iRacing.com to help get you back to racing. We will work diligently with you to correct any issues. However, we do not expect many issues as we have done extensive testing already.

The most likely error to arise will be if you are using replacement versions of system libraries (d3d9.dll, for example) that are not already flagged as being innocuous. Since such replacement libraries could potentially contain hacks to enable cheating, they are not allowed unless they have been validated. You can also check out the FAQ’s at Easy AntiCheat if you want here:


We are excited to add another significant level of cheat prevention to iRacing."

Official Webpage – www.iRacing.com

All Pro Video Room Now Accepting Member-Created YouTube Videos

Monday, August 24h -- Members may now submit their own YouTube race recap video clips for inclusion on the All Pro Video Room page. Just create your recap or highlights video, upload it to YouTube, then send us the URL/link to it using the email button below.  If you use webmail and do not have an email client such as Outlook or Thunderbird, then just submit your URL/link to admin at allprosimracing dot com.  All submissions will be reviewed and screened for inappropriate content, so please submit only All Pro event video.

Submit Race Video Link
E-mail us your YouTube race video link, and we'll post it in our Video Room.

Konrath Holds Off Williams for Blizzard Series Pro Late Model Win

Thursday, August 27th, 2015 == Garrett Konrath added his name to the guaranteed starter's list for the 6th annual All Pro Snowball Derby Thursday night, holding off Cole Williams in the final laps for the win.  Williams had the dominant car for most of the race, leading a total of sixty-seven laps but Konrath had a fast car all night and chose to keep his tires fresh by pitting frequently.  Konrath timed his final pit stop just right, allowing him to take the lead under caution during a late pit stop when Cole Williams pitted.  Konrath then held on for the final fifteen laps to take the win.  Cole Williams, still looking for that first series win finished 2nd, followed by Jonathan Smith, Justin Blackdeer and Jeff Faulkner, the top five finishers.

Next Thursday, the Blizzard Series will return with the Super Late Models, with Konrath having to start in the rear.  In the championship standings Blackdeer took over the points lead from Chamblee by 9 points after Chamblee had a terrible finish due to a late accident, with only four events remaining in the season.  Our list of Blizzard Series winners thus far that have earned their spot in the 2015 All Pro Snowball Derby are:

Preston Bores (2 wins), Chuck Chamblee (1 win), Justin Blackdeer (1 win), Scott Formosa (1 win), Josh Berry (1 win), Austin Yarbrough (1 win), and Garrett Konrath (1 win).




Morgan Caps Impressive Run with Win in Truck Series at Dover

Tuesday, August 25th -- Young Devon Morgan continues to impress All Pro officials as he picked up his 2nd win in a row Tuesday night, winning the 100-lapper at Dover Speedway.  Morgan started all the way back in 6th, then steadily moved towards the front and actually ran down the leaders by the half-way point in the event.  The opening series saw Cole Williams and Preston Bores on the front row to get things started, with Bores getting the early advantage and pulling to a very comfortable lead.  Williams got into the wall a couple of times, forcing him to fall back out of the top five but a caution period near the half-way point allowed him to get enough repairs done to get him back in the hunt.  The final segment of the race saw Bores continue to lead, with Morgan now putting some heat on him.  Meanwhile, Williams was working his way back to the front, taking 3rd from Chamblee inside the final twenty-five laps.  Back up front, Morgan was all over Bores, and finally got under him to take the lead.  Bores began to slow soon after, allowing Williams to take 2nd and Chamblee 3rd.  Williams could not reel in Morgan, and he would take the easy win.  Williams hung on to finish 2nd, followed by Chamblee, Bores and Jesse Williams, the top five finishers.




Devon Morgan Wins at Bristol in Super Late Model Series

Monday, August 24th, 2015 == Devon Morgan narrowly escaped disaster with just 15 laps remaining to win Monday night's All Pro Super Late Model Series 150-lapper at Bristol.  Austin Yarbrough grabbed the lead from pole-sitter Josh Berry at the drop of the green flag, but with everyone having to manage their tires some elected to pace themselves, including Berry, who was content to drop back a few spots.  One of the drivers electing to play the role of hard charger was Devon Morgan, who came from his 11th starting spot and into the top five inside the opening 20 laps.  Yarbrough was setting a blistering pace, and put a lot of good cars a lap down quickly. In fact, Yarbrough managed to lap all but the top eight cars before the first caution of the night came out.  Morgan worked his way to the 2nd position and held it most of the rest of the race, up until lap 111, and that's when things got interesting up front.  On a restart Josh Berry was leading, with Yarbrough outside.  But Yarbrough jumped the start, then a lap later made contact with Berry to trigger another caution period after bouncing off the wall and spinning Andrew Whitaker.  Yarbrough wasn't happy with the way things happened and drove back through the field under caution and door-slammed Berry.  Yarbrough was banned indefinitely from further league activity, while Berry elected to retire from the race.  This gave Morgan the lead.  Chuck Chamblee tried to challenge Morgan several times over the final 35 laps and several restarts, but couldn't complete the pass.  Morgan had a close call on lap 135 after Kevin Berry brought out a caution and was stopped at the exit of turn four in front of the leaders.  Morgan clipped the stalled #86 car of Berry and almost spun, as Chamblee drove by seemingly with the lead.  But scoring put Morgan back in front of Chamblee, and the battle resumed with Justin Blackdeer now in 3rd, and Scott Formosa 4th.  Chamblee managed to get underneath Morgan on lap 142 and alongside down the front stretch, but contact between the two sent Chamblee down the banking, breaking his momentum.  Morgan cruised to his 3rd All Pro win, with Chamblee hanging on to finish 2nd.  Justin Blackdeer finished 3rd, followed by Scott Formosa and Louie Robinett, the top five finishers.



Nick Johnston Wins 2nd Annual Sunoco All Pro 300 Big Show

Monday, June 29th, 2015 == In an event that saw a record seventeen caution periods, most of them caused by seasoned All Pro drivers, Nicholas Johnston had the dominant car Monday night and was able to drive from mid-pack to the front, at will, dominating the last 100 laps of the event to take the win and the Sunoco checkered flag. Johnston had some close calls early in the race, but had none of the penalties that a lot of his competition had levied against them.

2nd place finisher Chuck Chamblee ended up with a 2-lap penalty for failing to self-penalize due to an incident on lap 177, dropping him to a fifth-place finish.  3rd place finisher Devon Morgan was penalized two laps for failing to pit for a lap 33 incident, dropping him to 6th. Matthew Tucker was parked early due to causing two caution incidents, while Chris Forster and Daniel Pope were parked early and suspended for a week  due to causing three caution incidents. Casey Clark was parked early and suspended two weeks due to causing four caution incidents. Matt Vaade kept his nose clean all night, moving him up to 2nd in the final standings, and Justin Blackdeer would finish 3rd. Kevin Berry finished penalty-free to take the 4th spot, followed by Chamblee in 5th.

Click Here for Sunoco All Pro 300 Results


2nd Annual Sunoco All Pro 300 Penalties Breakdown -

Lap 33: Devon Morgan: Penalized two laps for failing to self-penalize;

Lap 40: Daniel Pope: Penalized two laps for failing to self-penalize;

Lap 53: Casey Clark: Parked for 2nd caution incident;

Lap 59: Casey Clark: Suspended one week for causing 3rd incident;

Lap 92: Casey Clark: Suspended one week for causing 4th incident;

Lap 117: Daniel Pope: Parked for 2nd caution incident;

Lap 143: Chris Forster: Parked for 2nd caution incident;

Lap 151: Chris Forster: Suspended one week for causing 3rd incident;

Lap 159: Daniel Pope: Suspended one week for causing 3rd incident;

Lap 171: Matthew Tucker: Penalized two laps for failing to self-penalize;

Lap 177: Chuck Chamblee: Penalized two laps for failing to self-penalize.

Congratulations to our 2015 Quarter 2 Series Champions!

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