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Quarter 4 Set to Kick-Off in October


September 27th, 2014 == All Pro Sim Racing is accepting new members now!  Officials have finalized plans for 2014 Q4, and the season is all set to begin on Sunday night, October 5th with the Q4 Gen6 Cup Series season opener at Kansas Speedway.  Monday night, October 6th will see the continuation of the Super Late Model series' Q4 kick-off at Lanier Speedway.  The on Tuesday night, October 7th the Truck Series will begin its Q4 season at Las Vegas.  Finally, on Thursday night, October 9th we will kick-off the new Speedway Sprint Series, featuring twin 35-lappers, one at Daytona and one at Talladega, beginning with the Street Stock cars.  One pit stop will be required in this series, and each series winner will have to start in the rear of the field for the next series race.  This new series will rotate vehicle types each week, with the Pro LM (Monte Carlo SS) cars running for week two.  Week three will see the Super LM cars, followed by week four in the Trucks, week five in the B-Class car, and week six will see the Gen6 cars in action.  Week seven will start the rotation over again.

Rule/Procedure Changes -

Race leaders will be allowed to choose their starting lane - inside or outside.  The leader will make the choice when the one-to-go indication is given by moving either high or low at the start/finish line.  2nd place driver will take the opposite lane.  Everyone else will line up as they qualified, inside to outside.  See rule # 15 on the Rules page for full definitions.

Anyone that appears to have manipulated the AI to cause a caution period intentionally will be placed on probation for 30 days.  Repeated violations will result in stiffer penalties, up to and including 90-day suspensions.  See rule # 9 for specifics.

Any member on PROBATIONARY status, whether it be the new member probationary status or disciplinary probation will not be eligible for All Pro Big Show events, nor any other special events.  Probationary members are also ineligible for the SLM Overdrive Tour events.

New probationary members now have 60 days to complete their required four clean events for promotion to full members.  The old period was only 30 days.

All Pro Big Show events' laps will be scheduled according to the number of drivers grid for the event after qualifying and last-chance race activities. >19 drivers will be the full 300 laps.  15-19 drivers will be 250 laps.  <15 drivers will be 200 laps.

Check out our league scoring page for full Q4 schedules.


Custom Fixed Setups for Speedway Sprint Series' PLM and SLM Cars Posted

September 20th, 2014 == The custom fixed setups that we will be using for the upcoming Q4 Speedway Sprint Series' Pro Late Model and Super Late Model vehicles have been posted to the All Pro Racers Forums.  These sets do not have enough fuel on the initial start of the race to go the 30-lap distance, by design.

Note that we will be running the "charlotte_quadoval" fixed setup for the Street Stock vehicle in the Speedway Sprint Series for those respective race nights.

The custom sets for the Trucks, B-Class and Gen6 vehicles are based on the default fixed sets for Talladega, adjusted for 11 gallons of fuel and spring perch adjustments to get the ride heights to just within tollerances.

CLICK HERE to get the PLM/SLM setups



Click on images for larger versions

Chamblee Ices Q3 TNT GN Championship with Win in Series Finale at Iowa


September 25th, 2014 == Chuck Chamblee put the period on the end of the 2014 Q3 Thursday Night Thunder Grand National Series championship by winning the series finale in a dominating performance, starting from the pole and leading every lap.  Scott Formosa was able to keep pace with Chamblee the entire distance, but a sluggish pit stop under green at the half-way point in the race distanced the two by almost six seconds, distance which Formosa could not make up in the final laps.  Finishing a lap down in 3rd was Cory Chafin, followed by Jeff Faulkner and Robert Gillenwater, the top five finishers.


Garrett Konrath Wins Winchester 300

Thursday, September 25th - Garrett Konrath rose to the occasion Wednesday night, winning the All Pro Q3 Big Show, Winchester 300 at Lucas Oil Raceway.  Konrath missed the call to grid and had to start at the tail end of the field, but quickly worked his way to the lead pack and stayed in the thick of battle all night.  Pole-sitter Chuck Chamblee, who led a race-high 91 laps was battling with Casey Clark for the lead when the two got together in turn one, turning Chamblee on his side and rail-riding the outside wall through turns one and two.  Chamblee had significant damage and lost ten laps on pit road getting repairs, while Clark would be done for the night.  Early leader Scott Formosa spun while leading, and retired from the event on lap 72.  Adam Blattel, who also led a total of 37 laps spun on lap 240, ending his night.  In the final segment, it would be Rex Hoyle leading Konrath up until 9 laps to go, but Konrath worked his way to the inside of Hoyle and took the lead in impressive style, and led the rest of the way to take the win.  Finishing behind Konrath and Hoyle was Jeff Faulkner, Chuck Chamblee and Bill Driscoll, the top five finishers.

Go to the Winchester 300 Page for complete results.

Formosa Calculates to Decimal Point for Fuel Mileage Win at Charlotte


Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014 == Scott Formosa picked up his first All Pro Truck Series win of the Q3 season in the finale Tuesday night at Charlotte.  Formosa was the only driver to gamble on fuel for the final segment of the event, and it paid off. But he couldn't have cut it much closer, running out of gas in turn 3 of the final lap.  Meanwhile, his three chief combatants were left almost a lap in arrears after they pitted inside the final 10 laps for fuel.

Mitch Rollo had the fastest truck all night, starting from the pole position and pulling out to a huge lead for almost the opening 35 laps.  Rollo ran into problems soon after, in the form of a near disaster after hitting the outside wall exiting turn 4.  Rollo received a lot of fender damage as a result, and almost wrecked the truck trying to gather it up from driving through the infield.  Rollo eventually lost the lead to Robert Gillenwater as a result, with Scott Formosa moving to 2nd.

Gillenwater and Formosa swapped the lead a couple of times, but Rollo finally figured out how to navigate his damaged truck back at near full song and rejoined the battle for the lead.  But Gillenwater, too, would slap the outside wall exiting turn four, and soon after began to fall back from the lead battle.  Gillenwater was the first to pit for fuel and two tires, with Rollo and Chamblee following suit.  Gillenwater lost a lot of time on his pit stop, allowing Rollo and Chamblee to drop him back to 4th with a little quicker work in the pits.

Formosa then began to conserve fuel with his comfortable lead, leaving the best battle of the closing laps between Rollo and Chamblee for 2nd.  Chamblee, with hardly any damage to his #25 truck eventually caught Rollo, passing him for the 2nd position coming to the white flag.  Formosa, at that time was just entering turn three on an empty fuel tank, coming around for the checkered flag.  He had enough momentum to make it to the stripe, collecting his first Q3 All Pro Truck Series win.  Chamblee came home 2nd, followed by Rollo, Gillenwater and Robert Didomenico, the top five finishers.

Chuck Chamblee was crowned the 2014 Q3 All Pro Truck Series champion, finishing 55 points ahead of runner-up Scott Formosa.


Davidowitz Wins Again in Super Late Model Showdown at New Hampshire


September 22nd, 2014 == Richie Davidowitz picked up where he left off last week, winning his second consecutive All Pro Super Late Model Series event to close out the Q3 season.  The event was also race # 9 of the 12-event All Pro SLM Overdrive Tour Series.

Chuck Chamblee picked up his first pole position in the Overdrive Tour Series and led the field of sixteen drivers to the green flag.  Chamblee led the first few series of green-flag periods by either staying out or taking only two tires, in order to lead as many laps as he could, but series newcomer Tim Dawson took command of the race on lap 28.

Dawson picked up some company up front after Brock Hopkins joined in on the battle, while Davidowitz struggled to get back on the lead lap after early trouble set him back, as well as Josh Berry and Rex Hoyle after an early-race incident.  Dawson and Hopkins put on quite a show up front, while Davidowitz and Berry fought to get back into contention.

As the event played out, Berry and Davidowitz would claw their way back to the top five, setting up an epic battle between the top five to decide this race.  Dawson held the lead, but Berry and Davidowitz were dicing for the 2nd spot, with Berry taking a good foot hold on the position coming to ten laps to go.  Berry took the lead from Dawson soon after that and looked to be on his way to another All Pro win.

On the last lap, as the two leaders exited turn two Dawson looked under Berry to challenge one final time, but Dawson clipped Berry, turning both cars into the grass in the infield.  Third place Richie Davidowitz drove by the two to take the lead and the win.  Rex Hoyle finished 2nd, followed by Brock Hopkins, Chuck Chamblee and Jeff Faulkner, the top five finishers.

Josh Berry ended the Q3 Super Late Model Series season with the championship, beating Rex Hoyle by 48 points.  In the Overdrive Tour standings Chuck Chamblee extended his lead over Matt Vaade to 21 points, with Jeff Faulkner another 21 points back in third with just three events remaining.


Berry Closes Out All Pro Q3 Gen6 Cup Series with Win at New Hampshire

September 21st, 2014 == Josh Berry closed out the 2014 Q3 All Pro Gen6 Cup Series with a win Sunday night at New Hampshire Int'l Speedway.  Berry led the field to the green flag and held the lead until yellow-flag pit stops on lap 35.  Chuck Chamblee took only two tires to beat everyone else off pit road, and led the restart on lap 39.  Surprisingly, Chamblee held the top spot through the next green flag period, leading the next 22 laps before Andrew Whitaker assumed command after he made a two-tire stop under the next yellow-flag period.  Berry made quick work of passing Whitaker on the restart, bringing Chamblee to 2nd.  Chamblee once again took the lead after another round of pit stops, again taking only two tires.  But Berry quickly took charge this time, dropping Chamblee back to 2nd.  A final caution flag with just 10 laps to go would set things up for a duel between Berry and his two tires vs. Chamblee on the outside with four tires.  The restart went south for Chamblee, though, after he spun his tires and collected 3rd place Robert Gillenwater.  The ensuing caution period would end the race, giving Berry the win.  Finishing 2nd was Jeff Rogers, followed by Jeff Faulkner, Scott Formosa and Chamblee.


Rex Hoyle Wins Milwaukee Finale and Q3 Championship in All Pro Modified Series

September 10th, 2014 == Rex Hoyle was not to be denied another win in the All Pro Modified Series, nor the Q3 season championship.  Hoyle led a majority of the laps in last night's Q3 Modified Series season finale at Milwaukee Speedway, giving up the lead only once after a round of pit stops when he restarted on the outside, falling back to 4th.  But Hoyle regained the lead the hard way, by passing his competition under green, and never looked back after that point.  Finishing 2nd was Casey Clark, followed by Jeff Faulkner, Louie Robinett, Scott Formosa and Jeff Rogers.

Rex Hoyle won the Q3 All Pro Modified Series championship by a margin of 28 points over Jeff Rogers.



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